This is the Neville Medhora, from KopywritingKourse, edition of our how-to-write-like series which is an analysis into exactly how the top marketing and web writers put their words on the page to captivate, engage, and convert their audience. 

To begin with, Neville is a great guy who produces great content. He’s a copywriter and takes inspiration from some of the best copywriting experts in history.

We analyzed every blog post on Neville’s blog to create this analysis and we’re sure you’ll be pleased with what you find. If you’ve ever wondered how Neville is able to write content that gets hundreds of shares and hundreds of comments per post, read on.

If you’re not familiar with Neville’s work we suggest you start by reading some of these great blog posts:

  1.  What is copywriting
  2.  How To Become A Copywriter (with No Experience)
  3.  Email open rates – What should they be? (including real-world examples)
  4.  Tone of Voice in Copywriting & Your Brand (w/ Examples)
  5.  Side Projects (what are YOU working on right now)?

Neville Medhora’s Images

We’re going to talk about imagery first because when we think of Neville’s content, the first thing that comes to mind are the images he uses.

Neville creates most of his images on what looks like Microsoft (MS) Paint. Let’s look at the image below:

Neville Medhora

As you can see, he’s used a stick image of a man.

In fact, in a recent email I received from Neville, he explained why he uses these hand-drawn images, as opposed to getting a designer to create images for him, or dare I say it, improve his image quality himself. He said:

Neville Medhora

He explains it better than I ever could, and the thing about it…it’s true. He’s not here to win a design award, he’s here to teach people how to write copy that converts.

That’s his goal, that’s his aim. YES, he uses images to help explain his point, but he doesn’t need to spend extra time creating professional images because that’s not what his blog or content is about.

Neville Medhora’s Language and style

As we mentioned with the images, Neville’s style is perhaps somewhat unconventional, but the truth is: it works for him.

Neville Medhora Copywriter

If you read this section of his blog post, out of context, you’d probably thing it was written for a children’s book.

This is generally how Neville writes. Very short sentences and very easily explained. The great thing about Neville’s style is that because he simplifies every concept, you’d be a fool not to understand it. It’s accessible for everyone.

So if you’re a busy CEO with no budget to hire a copywriter, but you have the time to learn how to do it yourself, this is the sort of content you want to read. You want it to be an easy read, (even if it is long) and you want it to make sense.

In addition to this, let’s look at some of the actual words Neville uses:

  1.  This email is so boooorrrrrriiiing
  2. Mr. MoneyBags
  3. You see, my friend
  4. allllll of these things
  5. You see my young child
  6. They ALL cost $money$

Completely casual tone and he’s not afraid to go against the grain and just write how he wants, in order to get his point across. Remember, he’s writing for the internet, not a feature-length novel. Although, he has written a book and we recommend you give it a read.

If you want to take a casual approach, like Neville, then you sure as heck need to know what you’re talking about. Once you become an expert, and can portray your expertise through your written content, frankly, no one will care how you write.

Neville Medhora Blog Length

Neville’s content varies in length, but largely each blog post falls onto the longer side of content. Here are the word counts of a few of his blog posts:

  • 1679
  • 8861
  • 1733
  • 2792

If you want to write content this length like Neville does, you need to make sure you’re actually adding some value. If you’re trying to write the best piece of content on the internet about “car insurance” then don’t just rewrite the other content that already exists, try to write something new.

If you’re unable to come up with a new angle on a specific piece of content, hire a content writing team to do it for you. (Shameless plug) 

Neville Medhora Body Content

One thing that becomes quickly apparent once you’ve read at least three pieces of Neville’s content is how few outbound links he includes.

The majority of the links he uses in his blog posts are internal links to other pieces of content.

Now, normally the “how to write a good blog post” articles will tell you to include lots of stats and links to other content to back up your point.

This is true and is something you should do.

So why does Neville not do this? Why does it not affect the quality of his work? 

The answer comes down to the uniqueness of his content.

If you google: “how to write copy” and read a few articles, what you’ll notice is you’re reading the same stats rehashed and rewritten. This isn’t new or exciting and after reading one blog post, you don’t feel accomplished, because you’re about to read an almost identical blog post elsewhere.

What Neville successfully manages to do is write blog content that is not only unique but offers an all-accomplishing view on the topic.

For instance, if you give his: What is Copywriting blog post (which we recommend you do) a read, you’ll notice there are no outbound links.

But also what you’ll notice is the information you’re reading is different to any other blog post you’ve read about copywriting.

He makes these topics simple and easy to understand and digest.

So if you are a business owner who wants to improve their copywriting, this is the sort of blog post you want. A step-by-step-broken-down-explainer of what it is and what success looks like.


Neville’s content is great. I read everything he posts as soon as it hits my inbox. (I definitely can’t say that for most of the newsletters I’ve subscribed to). What makes his content so great is whilst he doesn’t publish every day, when he does publish, I know it’s good quality.

I know that when I read his title, I’ll finish knowing a bit more about the topic than I currently do now.

Neville’s writing style can be reduced to these core points:

  1. Become an absolute expert in all aspects of your niche so that you can write however you want to
  2. Don’t focus on the intricacies like images and videos, first focus on educating your audience
  3. With every blog post you publish, tell your story in a unique way.

If you enjoyed this tear-down of Neville’s content, feel free to check out the other publications here. And if you’d like to see us analyze another writer or blog, leave a comment below.