How we work

Our promise to you is epic, long-form content better than anything else on the web. In fact, if you do find content better than ours, we'll refund you immediately and re-do the piece.

We put this guarantee in place because we're tired of people filling the internet with rubbish content. We aim to fight through that noise.



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$1 Content Marketing Consultant

Content marketing consulting for just $1. Seriously, that's all. We'll jump on a call and spend 20 minutes talking through your current content marketing, working out areas for improvement.

It might sound too good to be true, but we've helped clients generate 1st page results on Google and generate leads simply from these sessions.

Why are we doing this: because content is at the heart of our business. Although we're offering to help you, we're also looking for further ways to assist our current and future clients. Calls with companies like yours are crucial for us to be able to provide top-level service. Give it a go, it'll be the best dollar you ever spend.





$1 One call: 20 minutes Value
  • One twenty minute call
  • We'll assess and audit your current content
  • You'll get tailored suggestions for improvement
  • No obligation to work with us further
  • Skype or Google Hangouts
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